At present the registration of players system is flawed and play-cricket is not sending out emails to admins when a player registration is rejected. Usually a rejection occurs because not enough information has been entered to allow it to be passed.

Please check if any of your players need to be resubmitted and follow this guide:

Firstly search for the player that is n ot a League Registered Player on your database. If the player is not already there you will need to add him.

Once you have registered the player on your site you need to edit his roles:


You will then be taken to this screen:

register2Here  you need to ensure all the relevant information is complete and ensure the players Christian Name & Surname are complete  ( Just initials will result in a rejection )

Also ensure the Category and place of birth are correct &  for an overseas player please enter the date they last entered the uk.

Once the information is complete ENSURE YOU CLICK SAVE and then proceed with the nomination by clicking Apply

The next screen is very important!


The further information box in essential and will help in making sure the nomination goes through smoothly. As much information you can add here will be usefull – for example if the player is  a junior or member already of you club who is stepping up to play in the higher leagues  or it may be that you need to add that he has been approved by the league manager in the case  of a Category 3  or 3e player. Whatever needs to be entered here will be useful and if this box is left blank you more than likely may have a rejection.

You then proceed with the process depending on whether it is a standard nomination or player transfer – once ready you click save and carry on with the rest of the process.

Once complete the webmaster will approve or reject the nomination.

Should you have any problems or queries please contact the League Webmaster

The new play-cricket system at present is full of bugs and I have found  quite a few myself  which I have reported to the admins at play-cricket. I would urge clubs to check there databases for  duplicates and check scorecards are correct. Especially clubs who use Total Cricket Scorer should be extra careful as I have found scorers are still not downloading players correctly!  The best practice is to always download players as near to the start of the match as possible  – ensure that you download and select from the league registered players list only!

If you know of any bugs that you wish to report either contact play-cricket or post comments here.


Email the Webmaster




Chris Emery