Clubs who are using Total Cricket Scorer and then uploading to Play-Cricket maybe finding that some players statistics will not show up as their names have either been duplicated, entered spelt differently or for another reason.

The reason for this is that the scorers are not following the instructions from TCS correctly. I have brought this up time and time again but it doesnt seem to be getting fed through to scorers.


They MUST download the players from BOTH clubs’ site databases before EVERY game, rather than use the ones already in their computer, which may have different IDs to those in the play-cricket system.

Always when downloading the fixture ensure that you select League Registered Players ONLY.

The only way you can see the errors is in viewing the result in ADMIN. When viewing the scorecards for each club problems will be highlghted in red. The only way to solve the problems is to manually correct the scorecards – before doing so make sure you print the scorecard to ensure you complete it correctly.

I suggest all clubs check the matches so far this season  and stats for duplicates. If anyone has any queries please contact the League Webmaster Chris Emery

Below is an example of the page in admin  showing how an offending entry is highlighted: