Dear Colleagues

We are in great need of an influx of new umpires for next season.

If you know of anyone who may have thought of umpiring, but not taken it up, can I offer some reassurances.

*Umpires can choose their Saturdays. We would be keen to hear from anyone who can offer 6-10 Saturdays through the season, and we will not try to persuade anyone to do more games than they want to.

*Some people are put off by talk of poor onfield behaviour. In fact, it is unusual for umpires not to be respected, and on the odd occasion where it does happen, there is a very robust disciplinary system to support the umpires.

*It is not obligatory to have a qualification, but obviously the training helps people to do a good job, and so get more enjoyment from umpiring. Thanks to sponsorship from the league, and Staffs Cricket, the cost of getting qualified, insured and kitted out is only £10 this year (normally £120). The umpires course will run on 3rd, 4th and 5th Feb, and closing date for entry is 20th January.

If you need any further information on what is needed, or to register interest in doing the course, please contact Brian Bogie on 01538 360629 or 07514 429318.