Temporary League Manager – Alan McGarry or Tel 07766 227020.
League Secretary – Sue McGarry

The latest news and updates from the League Executive Committee can be found below, please ensure this information is shared with the appropriate people within your Club.

We’re still here when you need us!


Firstly, we hope you as a Club, your Officials, Players and Members are all remaining safe and well in these unprecedented times.
The last few weeks have been difficult for everyone involved in the game but we want you all to know that we are very much still here to help wherever we can.
Since the first announcements were made, we have been in regular contact with the ECB and County Boards and a united decision was taken that early communications regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on our recreational game were better being relayed through their channels, not only to provide consistent clarity on the position but also to avoid unnecessary overload of the same message.
We know your County Board Teams have been providing you with regular updates from the ECB as and when they come in, as well as making you aware of the various funding support available to you during these difficult times.
Hopefully, you will have seen through our social media Twitter account, we are also disseminating these updates to you.
We have recently run a fun based ‘guess the ground’ activity on most of the days of lockdown so far. Thank you to those who have been involved in supporting this. We would welcome any further ideas you may have to help keep you and your spectators in good spirits. Please ensure that you are following our social media channels to stay in touch.
During this Lockdown, can we ask you to update your ‘About Us’ page on Play Cricket to ensure you receive these valuable updates.
As you know, Alan McGarry is our Temporary League Manager and is available to speak to through the normal email addresses as is the League Secretary should you wish to contact either member.

We are sure, you like many of us, through your own personal, Club and business lives will have experienced over recent weeks, the use of online platforms as a way of connecting with people. The Executive have also held their first virtual meeting too, special thanks to Chris Emery’s dog who was also in attendance!
At present we are unable to give a start date for this season and will continue to be led by Government and ECB guidance.

We will be hosting meetings with Club Chairman or an alternative official commencing next week. This will give you the opportunity to pose any questions you may have to League Officials. These meetings will be restricted to 5 Clubs per meeting and will last for 30-45 minutes. Clubs will be allocated their time and date and will be asked to confirm their attendance, which will be restricted to 1 person per Club.
We hope that you are able to engage with us in this.

There have been some updates to processes for DBS checks. Please see the link for further details

As you are aware, in consultation with ‘Readers’ the cricket ball order has been put on hold for now. To date no cheques have been cashed and all direct payments made to the NSSCPCL have been refunded to the individual club. Once we have more information on any commencement to the season, we will be in touch again.

Our advice remains as before, please do not make any arrangements or incur costs associated to overseas players. Further details will follow in due course.

You may have noticed that our webmaster, Chris Emery, is removing the fixtures from Play-Cricket as each week passes, until further notice.

These will be updated as soon as we have a start date for the season.

It was not so many weeks ago that we were being asked to consider putting back the start of the season, albeit for very different reasons. This is a reminder how quickly the weather can change and sadly, how life can too.
We wish to remind you the Government and ECB have given clear guidance to Clubs for groundsmen to continue working on our grounds, so long as they respect and follow the recommended guidelines.

If Umpires wish to raise any concerns or have anything they wish to share, please contact Alan McGarry, your views do matter to us.
Staffordshire Association of Cricket Officials (SACO) have issued their latest update below.

Encourage your social members and players (junior and senior) to get involved in these simple online courses.
Occasional Umpire Courses which are aimed at players who umpire 10 overs in a game. This course is free of charge – please follow this link
Firstly, it is worth everyone taking the FREE ONLINE BASIC SCORING COURSE as a quick refresher if you have not done so recently.

As a League we will be embracing social media more as a means of communication and support to clubs, therefore we encourage as many people as possible from your clubs to follow Twitter handle @nsscpcl or our Facebook page North Staffs and South Cheshire Premier Cricket League.
Chris Travers from The Sentinel will continue the positive work he does on social media to support us and we also recommend following Chris too on his Twitter handle @christravers07.

We would also like to take the opportunity of congratulating Craig Barker and David Fairbanks from Porthill Park CC for their amazing efforts with the #SMASHTHETASH initiative which today has raised over £11,000 in support of NHS Charities. Keep watching the weekly challenges that are being set and achieved by cricketers across the league following the Twitter handle @smashthetash.

Please can we ask you to direct your enquiries regarding League matters initially to Alan McGarry or Secretary Sue McGarry their contact details at the top of this Newsletter.

Best wishes to all and remain safe.