The glory days of league cricket

The BBC Inside Out Programme covering local cricket and overseas professionals in the 1960s, incl. Sir Garfield Sobers, Frank Reynolds (Norton CC), Stuart Wood (Stone CC) and Nigel Johnson (Radio Stoke) was broadcast this week on Monday evening. This programme may... read more

Minor Counties Player Survey

All You may be aware that ECB and the Minor Counties Cricket Association (MCCA) are working together, looking at how and where Minor Counties Cricket supports the ‘Cricket Unleashed’ strategy. Part of the work is to understand how the players in Minor Counties Cricket... read more

Total Cricket Scorer & ECB App News

You may or may not have heard that TCS servers are down at the moment and users will not be able to download/upload to play-cricket. It may not be fixed for the weekend I believe. It may be an ideal opportunity to try the ECB app if TCS isn’t working. 18 Clubs... read more