Well not a great weekend for Live Scores as the TCS live scores servers were down. Hopefully the issues have been fixed now.

A note to scorers: after the TCS upload your job isnt quite finished as you need to log in to play-cricket and finish checking and entering points.

I have noticed a lot of clubs are uploading there results and are not then going into play-cricket to check all is as it should be. It is essential after the upload to log onto play-cricket, go into admin and firstly check the summary result page and check the right result is showing (I’ve seen a lot showing Match in progress this season) also you MUST ensure the bonus bowling and batting points are added as TCS does not enter these automatically. Winning or match points do not need to be entered only the bonus points.

You must also check the full scorecard that it all looks as it should – any errors will be highlighted in red.

Finally if you do have issues with TCS uploads and not sure why then follow the following instructions:

TCS on Windows:

In order to export the file, open the match concerned in TCS and then from the Match tab, select Export Match from the Import/Export section and save the file to a known location on your computer. You then need to compress the file to get it into a format that will get past our anti-virus software, and you should then be able to email it to us as an attachment.
To compress the file using a Windows PC, right click on the file and select Send to, then select Compressed (zipped) folder.
Please send the file to play.cricket@ecb.co.uk

TCS on a Tablet or Smartphone:
To export the match file on an iPad, open the match, select Menu, then Email. The file that we need is the Match File. Please send this to anna.hoad@ecb.co.uk because the Helpdesk email sometimes system renders the file unusable.