You may or may not have heard that TCS servers are down at the moment and users will not be able to download/upload to play-cricket. It may not be fixed for the weekend I believe. It may be an ideal opportunity to try the ECB app if TCS isn’t working. 18 Clubs in the Staffs Clubs League used it last week without any problems. No wifi – no problem – CLICK HERE for instructions for using the app offline.

Please note do ensure you are using the latest version of the ECB scoring app before using – as of 28th June 2017 it’s version 2.0.4 (please give feedback also – as any problems can be reported to the developers).

Please ensure all online scorers are aware of this information before this Saturday 1st July2017

Here is the latest statement from the ECB:

TCS users are reporting that v8 (and earlier) of this software does not currently download matches from or upload results to The error message given when trying to connect from these unsupported versions of TCS is “Failed to connect to the internet”.

CricHQ has confirmed that all TCS versions lost internet connectivity on Saturday night (24th June) and Sunday morning (25th June) due to server loading, but started to resume connection during Sunday 25th June.

It would appear that unsupported versions of TCS did not resume connection and further investigations are being undertaken.

What does this mean for anyone still using unsupported versions of the TCS software?

  • Live scores are temporarily unavailable
  • Matches/teams are temporarily not able to be downloaded from
  • Results are temporarily not able to be uploaded to
  • Matches can still be scored but will have to be manually created in TCS
  • Existing connectivity to scoreboards should be maintained
  • Results will have to be manually entered into

Our recommendation is to stay with your current version of TCS until further news is received from CricHQ.

What options do I have for urgently providing Live Scores?

  • Upgrade free of charge to TCS v9 from the CricHQ website
  • Register free of charge for Live Scores
  • Your Live Score will appear on
  • Any links to Live Scores from a club’s site will require relinking to the CricHQ website.
  • You will not be able to upload a result to from TCS v9. Manual input of the scorecard will be required.
  • Use Play-Cricket Scorer app which syncs with every over or more frequently on user demand, if an internet connection has been established, therefore publishing Live Scores.

What options do I have for urgent electronic updating of Play-Cricket?

  • Use the Play-Cricket Scorer (PCS) app to download matches, score and upload results. More information here:
  • Use the NXCricket app which downloads matches and uploads results


I hope this information is helpful and will avoid a lot of issues this coming weekend

Chris Emery

League Webmaster