Online Player Registrations


Last updated 19th March 2018 12.15 pm


There are just two more to be listed which are awaiting approval from their old clubs who have outstanding financial obligations – they are:
Lee Platt from Hanford to Wedgwood – STILL PENDING
Adam Whalley from Little Stoke to Longton – TRANSFER REQUEST WITHDRAWN

Once they are resolved the transfers can go ahead.


Please contact the league webmaster should you have any issues or queries at


For clubs who are having or considering overseas players please download and read the following documents (information correct September 2017 – maybe subject to change for the 2018 season depending on Border Agency & ECB guidance):

ECB Letter to all Clubs
Non-European Economic Area (EEA) Sportspeople – Clarification, Questions and Answers

Clubs are resposible to ensure that overseas player’s documentation is in order before registering the player. For overseas players who are normally resident in the UK would need to complete a Category 3E exemption form and or the new Amateur Player Registration Form and send it to the League Manager


Nominating Club Player Reg Date Transferring from
Alsager Chris Sheperd 28/2/2018 Wellington CC
Alsager Sameer Mufeez 28/2/2018 Holtwaites Trinibis CC
Alsager Adeel Tasawar 30/1/2028 Standard Nomination
Alsager Gulzar Ahmed 30/1/2018 Standard Nomination
Alsager Muhammad Sabi Hussein 30/1/2018 Standard Nomination
Alsager Usman Younis 23/2/2018 Category 3E
Alsager Stefan Reed 11/2/2018 Meir Heath
Alsager Khalid Yosofzai 30/1/2018 Sport Asia (Category 3)
Alsager Gareth Rowe 24/11/2017 Ashcombe Park
Ashcombe Park Craig Bell 4/1/2018 Meir Heath
Ashcombe Park Scott Watson 16/2/2018 Bagnall Norton
Ashcombe Park Chris Jenkins 30/11/2017 Endon
Ashcombe Park Irfan Khan 25/11/2017 Moddershall & Oulton
Ashcombe Park Ollie Sutton 21/10/2017 Moddershall & Oulton
Ashcombe Park Anis Raza 4/11/2017 Attenborough CC
Audley Harry Brownsword 18/2/2018 Wood Lane
Audley Josh Palmer 5/2/2018 Hem Heath
Audley Andy Palmer 5/2/2018 Hem Heath
Audley Stuart Gibson 12/1/2018 Wood Lane
Audley Patrick Gibson 9/1/2018 Wood Lane
Audley Lucy Shenton 13/12/2017 Silverdale
Audley Richard Shenton 13/12/2017 Silverdale
Audley Eddie Smith 5/12/2017 Wood Lane
Audley Faisal Khan 11/11/2017 Clifton CC
Audley Robert Hemmings 10/11/2017 Longton
Audley Logan Hughes 10/11/2017 Burslem
Audley Shaun Rashid 10/11/2017 Abbots Bromley
Bagnall Norton Asif Raza 1/3/2018 Category 3
Bagnall Norton Ali Ahmed 28/2/2018 Bridge Trust Old Boys
Bagnall Norton Phil Tomzak 28/2/2018 Oakamoor
Bagnall Norton Mark Stokes 18/2/2018 Alfreton CC
Bagnall Norton Jake Vernon 14/1/2018 Silverdale
Bagnall Norton Andrew Whitehurst 11/12/2017 J G Meakin
Bagnall Norton Gareth Abbotts 30/11/2017 Endon
Bagnall Norton Josh Graham 30/11/2017 J G Meakin
Barlaston Zainadine Bukhari Shah 31/12/2017 Eccleshall
Barlaston Zohaib Aziz 2/1/2018 Bridge Trust Old Boys CC
Barlaston Khaliq Malik 31/12/2017 Tutbury CC
Barlaston Sam Plant 28/11/2017 Endon
Betley Liam Bedson 22/2/2018 Crewe
Betley Khalid Hamidi 13/2/2018 Burslem
Betley Scott Adams 8/2/2018 Connahs Quay CC
Betley Rohan Hesketh 5/2/2018 Newcastle & Hartshill
Betley Oliver Tinsley 11/1/2018 Whitmore
Betley Joe Wagg 11/1/2018 Whitmore
Betley Steven Brierley 12/11/2017 Kidsgrove
Betley Adam Simcox 5/11/2017 Kidsgrove
Betley Richard Walker 12/11/2017 Leycett
Betley Adam Williams 6/11/2017 Wood Lane
Bagnall End Thomas Perkin 20/2/2018 Audley
Bignall End Adrian Lello Jnr 25/1/2018 Little Stoke
Bignall End Mitchell Edwards 21/1/2018 Wedgwood
Blythe Frankie Shenton 19/2/2018 Moddershall & Oulton
Blythe Muhammad Salman Hanif 16/1/2018 Rotherham Town CC
Blythe Alex Thorley 10/11/2017 Longton
Burslem Matthew Perry 28/2/2018 Danby CC
Burslem Shafique Hussain 22/2/2018 Stone SP
Burslem Jim Allen 20/2/2018 Brixham
Burslem Adeel Khan 8/2/2018 Meir Heath
Burslem Ashley Stubbs 19/1/2018 Bagnall Norton
Burslem Daniel Reed 20/11/2017 Endon
Burslem Alex Gilson 20/11/207 Endon
Caverswall Anwar Hussein 21/1/2018 Wedgwood
Caverswall John Baker 10/12/2017 Trentside CC
Caverswall Jamie Roberts 2/1/208 Hanford CC
Caverswall Graham Smith 26/09/2017 Standard Nomination
Cheadle Ben Bloor 16/2/2018 J G Meakin
Cheadle Ali Khan 18/12/2017 Category 3
Cheadle Dan Hammond 16/11/2017 Blythe
Checkley Jake Mills 2/1/2018 Cheadle
Checkley Jack Hammond 2/1/2018 Blythe
Church Eaton Ryan Courtney 16/1/2018 Stafford
Church Eaton Michael Trayte 17/1/2018 Sandon
Church Eaton Matt White 17/1/2018 Sandon
Crewe Thuva Murali 28/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Crewe Matthew Davies 9/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Crewe Richard Longworth 21/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Crewe Paul Glennester 3/2/2018 Coton Hall CC
Crewe Tate Rutter 3/2/2018 Woore
Crewe Fahar Ul Islam 3/2/2018 Hanford
Crewe Martin Dawson 10/11/2017 Audley
Eccleshall Fida Hussain 18/1/2018 Hem Heath
Eccleshall Raja Sohail Haider 6/12/2017 NCHH (Category 3e)
Elworth Thomas Hildicth 25/2/2018 Haslington
Elworth Mrugan Majmudar 28/2/2018 Trafford Metrovics CC
Elworth Daniel Roberts 26/2/2018 Sandyford
Elworth Matthew Yardley 25/2/2018 Clifton CC
Elworth Adnan Ghaus 11/2/2018 Whitmore
Elworth Yasir Ali 5/2/2018 Category 3
Endon Jordan Stanway 20/2/2018 Hanford
Endon Levi Smith 14/12/2017 Hanford
Hanford Adeel Mahmood 26/2/2018 Leek
Hanford Sajakat Ali 26/2/2018 Burslem
Hanford Yash Verma 28/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Hanford Waheed Khan 28/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Hanford Abu Sayeed Jamil 28/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Hanford Quadeer Ahmed 28/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Hanford Sajid Hussain 28/2/2018 Alsager
Hanford Majid Hussain 28/2/2018 Alsager
Hanford Mohammed Saleem 28/2/2018 Alsager
Hanford Shuqib Nadeem 28/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Hanford Prithish Narayan 28/2/2018 Newcastle & Hartshill
Hanford Geoffrey Bray 26/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Hanford Mohammad Zia Ul-Haq 26/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Hanford Mohammad Naveed 23/2/2018 Category 3
Hanford Shajait Ali 3/1/2018 Crewe
Hanford Samad Mir 14/1/2018 Sport Asia
Hanford Mohammad Arshad 4/12/2017 Bignall End
Hem Heath Hayden Dodd 27/2/2018 Caverswall
Hem Heath James Dawson 23/1/2018 Stone SP
Hem Heath Callum Leese 23/1/2018 Silverdae
Hem Heath David Leese 23/1/2018 Silverdale
Hem Heath George Leese 23/1/2018 Silverdale
J G Meakin Jake Coxen 26/2/2018 Knypersley
J G Meakin Ian Day 26/2/2018 Whitchurch CC
J G Meakin Emily Day 26/2/2018 Whitchurch CC
J G Meakin Jason Brown 20/2/2018 Elworth
J G Meakin Shahid Iqbal 16/2/2018 Hanford
J G Meakin Jamil Bashir 16/2/2018 Hanford
J G Meakin Raqeeb Murad 16/2/2018 Hanford
J G Meakin Louis Gwynne 13/2/2018 Little Stoke
J G Meakin Avtar Devgon 28/1/2018 Bagnall Norton
J G Meakin Saif Shakir 22/1/2018 Hanford
J G Meakin Dan Cumming 22/1/2018 Longton
J G Meakin Navid-Ul-Kharram Kaleem 22/1/2018 Woore
Kidsgrove James Pringle 5/2/2018 Sandyford
Kidsgrove Adeel Khan 10/2/2018 Burslem
Kidsgrove Darren Long 12/2/2018 Sandyford
Kidsgrove Rob Hagan 19/1/2018 Wood Lane
Kidsgrove Callum Dale 28/1/2018 Standard Nomination
Kidsgrove Adam Shaw 28/1/2018 Standard Nomination
Kidsgrove Ryan Hancock 25/1/2018 J G Meakin
Kidsgrove Connor Devine 19/1/2018 Audley
Knypersley Michael Bostock 28/2/2018 Stafford
Leek Callum Parkinson 28/2/2018 Enderby CC
Leek Greg Cork 14/1/2018 Ockbrook & Borrowash CC
Leek Craig Ferns 6/12/2017 Moddershall & Oulton
Leigh Jonathan Goodwin 26/2/2018 Milford Hall
Leycett Craig Barcroft 11/2/2018 Caverswall
Little Stoke Wayne Downing 28/2/2018 Betley CC
Little Stoke James Ecclestone 12/12/2017 Meir Heath
Little Stoke Sabah Gaus 30/1/2018 Barlaston
Little Stoke James Woods 30/1/2018 Moddershall & Oulton
Little Stoke Jack Leese 7/12/2017 Stone SP
Longton Chesney Hughes 22/2/2108 Sheffield & Phoenix United CC
Longton Simon Elwell 7/12/2018 Woore
Longton Lee Ridgeway 7/12/2018 Little Stoke
Longton Alex Coates 21/1/2018 Wood Lane
Longton Greg Whalley 7/12/2017 Little Stoke
Longton Mat Phillips 7/12/2017 Little Stoke
Longton Daniel Ball 14/11/2017 Knypersley
Longton Ross Coates 14/11/2017 Wood Lane
Meir Heath Callum Dreher 6/2/2018 Checkley
Meir Heath Jonathan Dreher 6/2/2018 Checkley
Meir Heath Kieran Hollins 6/2/2018 Blythe
Meir Heath Fahzad Aziz 13/2/2018 Crewe
Meir Heath Adam Clarke 6/2/2018 Longton
Meir Heath Richard Stonier 7/2/2018 Whitmore
Meir Heath James Ecclestone 03/10/2017 Little Stoke
Moddershall & Oulton Josh Renshaw 28/2/2018 Little Stoke
Moddershall & Oulton Pushpika Welivitage 28/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Moddershall & Oulton Robert Bagnall 29/1/2018 Wedgwood
Moddershall & Oulton Benjamin Myatt 2/1/2018 Wedgwood
Moddershall & Oulton Don Arcachchi 10/1/2018 Burslem
Moddershall & Oulton Lewis Moulton 9/12/2017 Silverdale
Moddershall & Oulton Benn Harrison 9/12/2017 Bignall End
Moddershall & Oulton Tom Moulton 9/12/2017 Silverdale
Moddershall & Oulton Robert Price 10/11/2017 Caverswall
Newcastle & Hartshill Billy Heeks 22/2/2018 Meir Heath
Newcastle & Hartshill Lee Slaymaker 21/2/2018 Hanford
Newcastle & Hartshill George Hickman 22/2/2018 Hanford
Newcastle & Hartshill Freddy Woodfine 24/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Newcastle & Hartshill Dawar Hussain 22/2/2018 Burslem
Newcastle & Hartshill Mohammad Abid 28/1/2018 Alsager
Newcastke & Harshill Zoltan Toth 4/12/17 Hanford
Newcastle & Hartshill James Towle 10/11/2017 Longton
Newcastle & Hartshill Donovan Smith 17/10/2017 Woore
Norton in Hales Matthew Hodgson 21/2/2018 Cockermouth CC
Norton in Hales James Barker 28/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Norton in Hales Paddy Clarke 28/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Norton in Hales Kashif Ali Moon 28/2/2018 Category 3
Norton in Hales Will Clarke 28/2/2018 Whitmore
Norton in Hales Angus Henderson 23/2/2018 Category 3
Oakamoor David Nash 22/2/2018 Leigh
Oakamoor Eric Gavin 27/1/2018 Cheadle
Oakamoor Nigel Gardner 27/1/2018 Crewe
Oakamoor David Atkinson 27/1/2018 Crewe
Onnerley & Maer Charlie Smith 26/2/2018 Alsager
Onneley & Maer Jake Short 25/2/2018 Newcastle & Hartshill
Onneley & Maer Darren Johnson 13/2/2018 Newcastle & Hartshill
Onneley & Maer Mohammed Razaq 16/1/2018 Bignall End
Porthill Park Azaan Mahroof 27/2/2018 J G Meakin
Porthill Park Luana Sims 1/3/2018 J G Meakin
Porthill Park Gary Stanyer 28/2/2018 Sandyford
Porthill Park Harry Bailey 5/2/2018 Moddershall & Oulton
Porthill Park Richard Radman 11/1/2018 Silverdale
Porthill Park Faizan Zaroof 1/12/2017 Bignall End
Porthill Park Darren Plant 7/12/2017 Longton
Porthill Park Liam Hassett 2/12/2017 Wood Lane
Porthill Park Nick Hubble 2/12/2017 Checkley
Rode Park Neil Crump 18/2/2018 Meir Heath
Rode Park Neil Harrison 30/1/2018 Betley
Rode Park & Lawton Neil Cheadle 5/1/2018 Onneley & Maer
Rode Park & Lawton Simon Beckett 10/1/2018 Standard Nomination
Rode Park & Lawton Chris Henderson 20/12/2017 Betley
Rode Park & Lawton Richard Bebbington 6/12/2017 Betley
Rode Park & Lawton Nicholas Harrison 5/1/2018 Betley
Rode Park & Lawton Jack Harrison 16/10/2017 Betley
Sandbach O’Shay Reddy 28/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Sandbach Gareth Lennon 28/2/2018 St Fagans CC
Sandbach Cameron Crampton 28/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Sandbach James Clifton 21/2/2018 Elworth
Sandbach James Bennison 21/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Sandbach Matthew Bown 21/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Sandbach Tom Smyth 21/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Sandbach Stuart Elkes 25/1/2018 Onneley & Maer
Sandbach Jack Kesteven 10/11/2017 Standard Nomination
Sandyford Matheesa R P K Kankanamalage 25/2/2018 Category 3
Sandyford Callum Landon 31/1/2018 Rode Park
Sandyford Ethan Bates 11/11/2017 Knypersley
Silverdale Spencer Ashby 1/3/2018 Bagnall Norton
Silverdale Sam Knowles 22/2/2018 Onneley & Maer
Silverdale Matthew Reynolds 28/1/2018 Bagnall Norton
Silverdale Gareth Metcalfe 3/1/2018 Onneley & Maer
Stafford Haris Hussein 7/2/2018 Baildon CC
Stafford Harry Mellor 1/3/2018 Standard Nomination
Stafford Jordan Relph 31/1/2018 Norcross CC
Stafford Tino Mafusire 23/11/2017 Category 3
Stafford Luke Morien 23/11/2017 Category 3E
Stone SP Lee Barnard 3/2/2018 Albrighton CC
Stone SP Ben Motley 17/1/2018 Cutthorpe CC
Stone SP Shaun Jenkinson 10/1/2018 Cheadle
Stone SP James Taylor 4/11/2017 Barlaston
Wedgwood Chris Harrison 21/2/2018 Hem Heath
Wedgwood Lea Prince 28/2/2018 Weston
Wedgwood Simon Snape 20/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Wedgwood Sarqib Din 4/2/2018 Leycett
Wedgwood Nick Buxton 4/2/2018 Hanford
Wedgwood Thomas Peace 29/1/2018 Stone SP
Weston Chris Hine 23/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Weston Ronnie Farnell 23/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Weston Reg Farnell 23/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Weston Kate Roebuck 22/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Weston Max Gay 22/11/2017 Onneley & Maer
Weston Usman Afzaal 6/11/2017 Hem Heath
Weston George Gay 10/11/2017 Onneley & Maer
Weston Connor Tinsley 10/11/2017 Whitchurch
Weston Luke Tinsley 10/11/2017 Scarborough CC
Whitmore Vamsi Tiguti 28/2/2018 Hanford
Whitmore Chris Coatsworth 14/2/2018 Hem Heath
Whitmore Craig Pritchard 20/1/2018 Standard Nomination
Whitmore Waqar Shabbir 13/1/2018 STAYING AT HANFORD
Whitmore Dean Pritchard 19/12/2017 Porthill Park
Whitmore Andrew Wilshaw 10/11/2017 Norton-in-Hales
Wood Lane Glenn Tift 28/2/2018 Nelson CC
Wood Lane Nadeem Ashraf 15/2/2018 Oldham CC
Wood Lane Mervin Daley 21/2/2018 Standard Nomination
Wood Lane Atiq Bhatti 23/2/2018 Rolls Royce Leisure CC
Wood Lane Mohammad Irfan 15/2/2018 Category 3
Wood Lane Ahsan Tariq 3/11/2017 Alsager
Wood Lane Adam Shaw 10/11/2017 Kidsgrove
Woore Justine Joseph 26/2/2018 MK Stallions CC
Woore Khalid Malik 16/2/2018 Wood Lane
Woore Kyle Morgan 4/1/2018 Market Drayton
Woore Charlie Belfield 4/2/2018 Norton in Hales