1st XI Scorer Questionnaire:

To be completed by all North Staffs & South Cheshire Premier League 1st XI Scorers

1st XI Scorers Questionnaire:
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Play Cricket Scorer Pro is the North Staffs & South Cheshire Premier League's preferred method of scoring and it is the League's intention to encourage digital scoring and live scores throughout all divisions of the league in the future.
Scoring electronically has become ever more popular as a method of scoring and this workshop covers the use of Play Cricket Scorer Pro (PSC Pro®), which is a free scoring program for Microsoft Windows ® based computers, developed by the ECB in conjunction with ECB ACO scorers and with direct links to the Play-Cricket League Management system. Most scoring software is intuitive to use but many of the packages (PCS Pro included) contain advanced features and customisation that may not be so obvious Whilst they are all easy to use, the most important thing to know, is how to correct things when the inevitable mistakes occur. This one-day workshop will take you through scoring using PCS Pro from setting up a match to printing out a scorecard or a player’s wagon wheel and will give you some handy hints on how to make amendments as quickly as possible, while play continues.
The Roadshow is a presentation and update rather than formal training and useful to current users and administrators to keep up with software updates and new features etc